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Lambeth Academy 0 V 18 Platanos Year 7 Boys


Date: Wed 11 Jan 2017 Time: 15 h 00 m

Venue: Pimlico Academy



Team List: Rhyion, Adrial, Kaelan, Jaden, Darius, Lama, Zephaniah, Abrar, Kyle, Erwyn

Due to time constraints this game was played in 2 x 10 minute halves.

Quarter 1: 12 - 0

Quarter 2: 6 - 0

The first 4 minutes of the game started off very slowly for both teams as neither team scored. One reason for this was the pace of the game was very slow which allowed Lambeth to set their defense. After a timeout, Platanos done a much better job at pushing the pace at every opportunity. One part of the game was ensuring the ball was inbounded as quickly as possible regardless if the other had scored or it had gone out of bounds. This caught Lambeth off guard on many occasions and allowed Platanos to get open lay ups which then began to change the game as Platanos confidence only grew.