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Pimlico Academy 4 V 24 Platanos Year 7 Boys


Date: Wed 11 Jan 2017 Time: 14 h 00 m

Venue: Pimlico Academy



Team List: Adrial, Kaelan, Rhyion, Jaden, Zephaniah, Lama, Darius, Abrar, Kyle, Erwyn

Due to time constraints this game was played as 2 x 10 minute halves.

Quarter 1: Platanos 8 - 2 Pimlico

Quarter 2: Platanos 16 - 2 Pimlico

The year 7 boys continued their form in the JR NBA season in their first game back after the Christmas break. However showed that they had been practicing individually over the past 3 weeks in their own time.

To begin with, the boys done a great job at pressuring the ball and getting out on the break for some easy lay ups. However, Platanos must remember when arriving in a defensive position as their defender catches the ball, they can not be too close as this will result in blow bys at a higher level. Platanos players also need to make more of a conscious effort to get eyes to the basket as they receive the ball on offense as this will make them more of a threat offensively, in comparison to having their back to the basket.