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Platanos Year 7 Boys 31 V 7 Sacred Heart High School


Date: Mon 21 Nov 2016 Time: 15 h 30 m

Venue: Platanos College



Team List: Kyle, Zephaniah, Dylon, Abrar, Adriel, Kaelan, Rhyion, Lama, Sif, Jaden

Quarter 1: Platanos 11 - 0 Sacred Heart

Quarter 2: Platanos 10 - 0 Sacred Heart

Quarter 3: Platanos 3 - 4 Sacred Heart

Quarter 4: Platanos 7 - 3 Sacred Heart

Platanos year 7 boys played there second JR NBA game against Sacred Heart who were physically a lot bigger and athletic than ourselves. However this still did not stop us from playing our style of basketball and being able to get out on the fast-break for easy lay up.

This trend continued in the second quarter as we went into half time 21 points up. However the 3rd and 4th quarters saw Platanos begin to play lethargic and sloppy, which resulted in Platanos losing the 3rd quarter. The 4th Quarter saw Platanos get back into their game plan of playing aggressive defense and getting out on the break and went on to win the final quarter 7 - 4. However this highlights the importance of playing every quarter as if it was 0 - 0 and not to make any assumptions that the game is over at any point until the final buzzer.

You can catch the game and highlights on Platanos basketball Youtube channel.