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Platanos Year 7 Boys 55 V 4 Pimlico Academy


Date: Mon 21 Nov 2016 Time: 15 h 30 m

Venue: Platanos College



Team List: Kyle, Zephaniah, Dylon, Abrar, Adriel, Kaelan, Rhyion, Lama, Sif, Jaden

Quarter 1: Platanos 21 - 2 Pimlico

Quarter 2: Platanos 10 - 2 Pimlico

Quarter 3: Platanos 12 - 0 Pimlico

Quarter 4: Platanos 12 - 0 Pimlico

Platanos year 7 boys began there JR NBA season with the confidence they had when finishing there game against Crest academy this past Friday. Platanos done a great job from the beginning minute of staying between there man and the basket; pressuring the ball and passing the ball ahead on the fastbreak.

The team work by Platanos was highlighted by their being 7 different scorers from the Platanos team, which included a 3 pointer from Adriel.

Although when the fastbreak was not on, Platanos need to do a better job at spacing the floor to begin with, and understand by standing around inside the 3pt line makes it more difficult to drive to the basket.

Great start to the JR NBA season and you can check out the full game and highlights on Platanos basketball youtube channel.