Match Report


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Platanos U14 Boys 60 V 32 Norwood School


Date: Fri 18 Nov 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Platanos College



Team List: Lemar, Janali, Arif, Lucas, Denilson, Medi, Michael, Mikhi, Adriel, Konstantinos.

Quarter 1: Platanos 14 - 6 Norwood

Quarter 2: Platanos 16 - 9 Norwood

Quarter 3: Platanos 23 - 11 Norwood

Quarter 4: Platanos 7 - 6 Norwood

Platanos continued with there confidence that they had gained from the game last week against Hayes academy as all players were involved and showed a lot of confidence by shooting the ball when open. It's great to see our team have confidence when shooting the ball open, but also highlights the importance of working on their own shot in their own time as their many easy shots missed due to being rushed or panicking. This re-emphasises the importance of practicing at the speed which replicates the game.

There was a great improvement in the teams awareness of rebounding the ball as a team, this is something that must continue if players wish to develop to play at a higher level.

Check out the highlights and full game on Platanos Basketball YouTube channel.