Match Report


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Platanos Year 7 Boys 48 V 4 Crest Academy


Date: Wed 16 Nov 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Platanos College




Kaelan, Adriel, Zephaniah, Kyle, Rhyion, Jaden, Sif, Dylon, Erwyn

Great first game for many players as this was there very first game playing together as team. For most of the team, this was also the very first structured game they had played in there life. Although in control for the majority of the game, Platanos must learn to never relax as a team, especially on defense. This was highlighted as the second quarter was tied 4-4 after a 16-0 run in the first quarter.

Quarter 1: Platanos 16 - 0 Crest

Quarter 2: Platanos 4 - 4 Crest

Quarter 3: Platanos 14 - 0 Crest

Quarter 4: Platanos 14 - 0 Crest

The main concepts we must take forward going into the next game are the following principles of play: 1) Stay between the person you are defending and our basket 2) First thing to do when you catch the ball is look to score 'eyes to the basket' 3) If someone is a head of you and open we must pass the ball ahead.