Match Report


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Harrow High School & Sport College 59 V 75 Platanos U14 Boys


Date: Tue 06 Dec 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Harrow High School



Team list: Lemar EJ, Janali, Vashaun, Michael, Mikhi, David, Lucas, Denilson, Medi, Kosta

Period 1: Platanos 13 - 12 Harrow

Period 2: Platanos 24 - 18 Harrow

Period 3: Platanos 18 - 11 Harrow

Period 4: Platanos 20 - 18 Harrow

As all games this season, Platanos went into this game as the smaller team which always gives the opponents a slight advantage in the rebounding department. However it was a great team effort throughout the game as everyone on Platanos took responsibility of rebounding the ball and limited Harrow to a maximum of 1 shot each possession. This was the case throughout the game as Platanos looked to play each quarter separately with the mentality of starting 0 - 0 at the end of each quarter regardless of the score from the previous quarter.

Winning all 4 quarters is a testament of how effective valuing each quarter and each possession throughout the game can be and also taking care of rebounding the ball defensively.

This was also the first game of the season where all 10 players contributed to the final score as they all got onto the score sheet.

Look forward to playing Harrow again at Home!