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Platanos Year 7 Boys 54 V 9 UCL Academy


Date: Mon 28 Nov 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Platanos College



Team list: Rhyion, Kaelan, Adrial, Sif, Zephaniah, Erwyn, Kyle,Abrar

Quarter 1: Platanos 10 - 2 UCL

Quarter 2: Platanos 10 - 2 UCL

Quarter 3: Platanos 20 - 2 UCL

Quarter 4: Platanos 14 - 1 UCL

Platanos continued their impressive start to their season with a home win over UCL academy. A slow start which involved a high amount of turnovers from both teams, highlighted the players nerves from both teams. Once the nerves had settled, Platanos continued their form that they have shown in most recent games that allowed Platanos to breakaway for open lay ups from following the simple man to man defensive principle of staying between the man and the basket and being arms length from their player.

Check out the highlights on Platanos Basketball YouTube page!