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Hayes School 76 V 78 Platanos U14 Boys


Date: Fri 11 Nov 2016 Time: 15 h 30 m

Venue: Hayes School



Team List

Lemar, Denilson, Vashaun, David, Janali, Dashane, Medi, Konstantinos, Michael, Jaelan, Lucas

Q1 Hayes 19 - 25 Platanos

Q2 Hayes 23 - 19 Platanos

Q3 Hayes 20 - 13 Platanos

Q4 Hayes 14 - 21 Platanos

Platanos took on Hayes basketball academy in a tough opening fixture which would set the expectation for all U14 games this season as they take part in the premier division. Platanos started off on a 14 - 4 run in the opening first quarter, with Lemar and Denilson hitting open 3's in the first 4 minutes. However for the remaining of the quarter Hayes continued to attack the basket off of the dribble and getting to the foul line. Allowing them to end the quarter down by 6.

Quarter 2 saw Hayes continue to attack the paint off of a high pick and roll with there number 7 being unstoppable to defend at that point. This was the trend throughout the 2nd quarter and Hayes academy went into half time only down by 2pts.

Quarter 3 saw Hayes Academy continue there momentum from the 2nd quarter and as Platanos were not taking responsibility as a team to rebound the ball, Hayes were constantly able to get 2nd chance opportunities to eventually take the lead going into the final quarter.

Quarter 4 Saw Platanos finally to take the decision as a team to take responsibility to rebound the ball at every opportunity, along side Janali preventing number 7 from scoring when he wishes resulted in us being down by 4pts with 30 seconds remaining in the game. A Lemar 3pt with 25 seconds left brought us to be down by 1pt with Hayes now having possession. Platanos then dug in defensively, not giving up any easy baskets and asking Hayes to score a tough shot under pressure. Hayes were not able to and we were able to get the rebound and transition down the court, resulting in an and1 foul from Denilson which gave us a 1pt lead and 1 free throw to come. Denilson made his single free throw and Hayes took a time out down by 2 with 9 seconds left in the game. With sensible pressure, Hayes were not able to get a shot off within 9 seconds and Platanos came away winners by 2pts.

Great opening game with good basketball played at time by both teams!