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Greig City Academy 75 V 78 Platanos U16 Boys


Date: Tue 22 Nov 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Greig City Academy



Team List: Dusan, Wilfrid, Ade, Abdul, Gideon, Breon, Shaydon, Liam, Sowar

Top 3 Scorers: (Platanos) Ade 24pts, Wilfrid 22pts, Dusan 16pts. (Grieg City) L.Smith 20pts, C.Morris 17pts, A.Mugenwa 17pts.

Quarter 1: Platanos 19 - 15 Greig City

Quarter 2: Platanos 22 - 20 Greig City

Quarter 3: Platanos 20 - 23 Greig City

Quarter 4: Platanos 17 - 17 Grieg City

Platanos kicked off there season with a very competitive game against Greig City Academy who were at home and had the home crowd clearly behind them throughout the game. The crowd seemed to have an immediate effect on Platanos as Greig City jumped out to a 6-0 start in the first 2 minutes. This didn't help as throughout the first quarter the shots were not dropping either for Platanos although we had good looks at the basket. However Platanos shots began to drop by the end of the first quarter and we went into the 2nd quarter with a 4pt lead.

In the second quarter the shots continued dropping with Dusan leading the way by scoring 11 of his 16pts, which included 2 threes in the second quarter, this gave us the slight going into the half with a 6pt lead.

Throughout the game Greig city done a great job out rebounding us throughout the game which was one of the main reasons why Greig city were able to keep the game close. This was especially highlighted in the 3rd quarter as they won the 3rd quarter 23 - 20 and were now only down by 4pts going into the final quarter.

The 4th quarter saw the game constantly see-saw between both teams as Platanos took a 8pt lead on 2 separate occasions for Greig City to come right back to tie the game. This was the trend throughout the final quarter right up until the last minute. After a timeout by Platanos, Ade was able to hit down a midrange 2 off of a Shaydon ball screen to put us up by 2pts with less than 12 seconds left. After a timeout, Greig City had the opportunity to set up a play and take the last shot of the game. Platanos done a great job as a team by playing honest defense and not giving up any easy lay ups that would equal the game. This resulted in Shaydon coming up with a last second play to steal the ball and advance up the court to Wilfrid who was then fouled as he attempted to finish at the basket. There was now 0.6 seconds left with Wilfrid to have 2 free throws to come. Wilfrid made 1 of 2 free-throws to seal Platanos first win of the season.