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Lamptom School 68 V 75 Platanos U14 Boys


Date: Fri 02 Dec 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Lampton School



Team list: Janali, Vashaun, Denilson, Kaelan, Adrial, Medi, Lucas, Konstantinos, Lemar EJ

Quarter 1: Platanos 8 - 18 Lampton

Quarter 2: Platanos 25 - 13 Lampton

Quarter 3: Platanos 22 - 20 Lampton

Quarter 4: Platanos 20 - 17 Lampton

Platanos started off very sluggishly and were clearly not mentally prepared for Lampton as Lampton jumped out to an 8 - 2 run in the first 2 minutes. The trend of not knowing who you were defending, not sprinting back on defense and not rebounding the ball defensively allowed Lampton to enforce their style of fastbreak play and got plenty of easy lay ups after we missed.

In the second quarter, Platanos picked up the level of intensity on the defensive end, whilst also adjusting to Lamptons style of who were looking to advance the ball up the court as quickly as possible via the pass at any given opportunity. This adjustment allowed Platanos go into the halftime break up by 1, when they could have easily been down by double digits.

Platanos maintained there concentration throughout the third quarter as Lampton were persistent with pushing the ball up the court quickly and crashing the boards. Three consecutive turnovers from Lampton in the 4th allowed Platanos to get out on the break for easy fast break points and extend out to an 8pt cushion with 3 minutes remaining. However, a lapse in concentration again, allowed Lampton to get plenty of second chance opportunities and found themselves only down by 3 with less than 2 minutes remaining.

Fortunately for Platanos, the team were able to correct their mistakes after a timeout not allowing Lampton to score in 4 consecutive possessions whilst at the same time hitting 2 threes. Lampton were not able to recover from that and Platanos came away with a tough away win against Lampton