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Platanos U14 Boys 64 V 53 Lamptom School


Date: Mon 05 Dec 2016 Time: 16 h 00 m

Venue: Platanos College



Team List: Lemar EJ, Janali, Denilson, Lucas, David, Michael, Mikhi, Medi, Kosta

Period 1: Platanos 13 - 15 Lampton

Period 2: Platanos 19 - 7 Lampton

Period 3: Platanos 15 - 18 Lampton

Period 4: Platanos 17 - 13 Lampton

This was the second time Platanos and Lampton had played each other in the space of 4 days after a very tough win by Platanos the Friday gone. Platanos came into this game now knowing could not afford to start off like they did in the previous game and were prepared for the bigger Lampton to come out looking to win the game.

The first quarter was testament to how close the game was going to be throughout as Lampton took a 2pt lead at the end of the first quarter. However Platanos stuck to the game plan of taking away the fastbreak from Lampton and were able to pick up quite a few steals as Lampton attempted to advance the ball up the court quickly via the pass. Allowing Platanos to go into the half with a 7pt lead.

This time around, Platanos had learned from their mistakes of not having lapses on defense and did not allow Lampton to climb back into the game as they did not allow Lampton to get back with 6pts again for the entire game.

Check Youtube for the highlights and full game!