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Oaklands College Basketball Trials

5th June 2014


My Experience at Oakland College At first on the way to the college I(Bryony Bromfield) was nervous because I had no clue on what to expect when I got there and then I thought what if I mess up and embarrass myself? I had no idea what I was going to do there and what lay ahead at Oaklands College. The things that made me really like the basketball programme in the college was how they treated the girls and boys the same and the coaches believed in the girls that they are capable of what the boys can do. The girls were nice and friendly to talk to about my experiences in basketball so far and they would openly answer any questions I had. The most important thing to me was to hear the coach’s view on how I performed. The experience was a good learning curve on how college basketball would be like and made me aware on how high the standards and boundaries are set for the college basketballers. If I could have the opportunity of going again to Oakland College I would! Bryony Bromfield 10A3