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Poem By Marta

7th June 2013



From the first day you step on court, you knew it would enrich your life.

The adrenaline it makes you feel when you’re playing is addicting, it makes you feel alive.

You get the rebound, driving to the basket, running like it was the last minute, the adrenaline, your heart jumping blood all around your body. “5out” you shout, every body get in place, you lined up to the basket, you see a whole in the defence, you take it, cross over, through the legs, your tricked him and went to the basket, you jump, you score, just the feeling the ‘swish’ that your hear when the basketball is going through the net, it makes you feel alive.

Every time you train, train hard, every time you do something do it the best you can.

Do you want to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished?

I do, that’s why I train and when I train I don’t joke around.

Marta yr 7