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Oaklands College Trip

13th February 2013


I and eleven of my school friends were invited for a visit at Oaklands College last month to view the campus. We were given a presentation on the sports courses and also what to expect from Oacklands College student support and as well as the principles and goals of the Basketball program.

The Oacklands College Head Coach and Programme Director Michael Ball, as well as the presentation he also gave us a short tour of the College.

This experience made me aware of the different options there are to further my education and passion for basketball. I was also made aware of the benefits and strains of a being student athlete.

I enjoyed playing with the older players from Oacklands College as it was more challenging than playing with players my own age. The experience has made me want to continue with basketball further in college.



Greenhouse Basketball programme

8th February 2013


Greenhouse Basketball

The Greenhouse charity has helped me in many ways. This is a letter of appreciation to show my gratitude to this noble charity.

Last year in the beginning of year 7 I started my career in Basketball. I was learning to get my “handle” of things when pretty soon basketball became my life. I was always jumping for the net and trying to tip the backboard when my coaches were consistently encouraging me to continue, join Pioneers U14 sessions and play for Platanos. The particular coach who encouraged me to be the way I am was coach Dodi (Josef) Butor, who left this year to travel but will return next year.

I have already attended the Montenegro camp and this year I shall be travelling to Serbia. Thank you Greenhouse for giving me this opportunity.

And before I go, I would personally like to thank: Coach Jenny Ridgway, Coach Peter Bereyni and Coach Lucio Semedo.

I hope to have many more happy years with Greenhouse.

Yours thankfully

Patrick Lanipekun #5