Introduction to Platanos College Basketball Academy



Welcome to Platanos College Basketball Academy [top]


Dear Players, Parents and Coaches


Firstly, let us begin by welcoming everyone to the Platanos College Basketball Academy Prospectus.


This prospectus aims to clarify and aid in a young person's decision at a crucial point in their lives as well as offer information to parents and club coaches to help their young person's make an informed decision on their future.


As we are all aware, and none more so than here at Platanos College Basketball Academy, the end of the season as well as the end of the academic year provides our young people with some difficult and challenging choices referring to their future.


This is why, here at Stockwell we have produced this prospectus on our Academy programme to give any player the opportunity to combine a high level of academic achievement as well as perform at the elite level of sport.


The most important question the prospectus will answer is:


Why choose Platanos College Basketball Academy?


Platanos College is a stable, forward thinking school with a clear vision.


We set high standards and high expectations for our pupils and our staff. Consequently we are a high-achieving school. Our last Ofsted inspection in November 2006 was a resounding success; we were deemed to be an OUTSTANDING school, which was repeated in our Ofsted area inspection in November 2008.


Our rate of improvement has been faster than the national rate. Academic results have risen rapidly over the last ten years – in 2009 the school achieved 68% 5 A* - C in Maths and English. We are in the top 5% CVA nationally.


We have a stable staff, stable senior team and the school is constantly thriving on continuous improvement. This is aided by supportive Governors (see Vision 2018), high quality management training at subject/area level and also at whole school level.


The reputation of the school has improved dramatically in recent years. The school is recognised for the excellent work it does for outreach and the exemplary standards it promotes. We are a well managed school on a day to day basis, with a vigorous, bespoke Discipline and Behaviour management programme. Attendance, punctuality and behaviour are taken seriously in the school and there is a coherent system of rewards and sanctions.


A brand new building with 'Outstanding' facilities was completed in the summer of 2010, giving the school a state of the art teaching environment and Sport England standard sports facilities.



Greenhouse History [top]


Greenhouse charity started in 2002 founded by CEO Michael de Giorgio, who wanted to provide young people on a local housing estate something positive to do in the school holidays. This led to the development of our unique model of providing full-time sport and performing arts coaches into schools across London's most disadvantaged boroughs.



"All young people have a fair chance to succeed"


"To empower young people in London's disadvantaged communities to realise their potential through high quality, intensive sport and dance programmes delivered by inspirational coaches"


Basketball Programme


The Greenhouse basketball programme was first established at Platanos College in September 2007. The programme was set up to provide young people the opportunity to access sport and gain transferable skills to reach their full potential by working in partnership with inner city secondary schools creating a bespoke programme that focuses on the whole athlete mental and physical development. The basketball programme is recognized as an effective tool; which teaches positive transferable skills and is used as a catalyst to improving academic performance and social skills.


Greenhouse is currently operating full-time programmes in eight schools; Bacon's College, Haberdashers' Aske's Knight Academy, Platanos College , Pimlico Academy, Norwood School & Harris Academy South Norwood, Lilian Baylis and Brampton Manor.

A three-year case study has been undertaken by Ottaway Strategic Management. Results show outstanding improvements with attendance, academic achievement and behaviour from players who attend the basketball programme compared to control groups of students. Visit for the full reports.



Greenhouse School Model [top]



Basketball Academy Programme [top]


Players will train for up to 7-12 hours a week around their academic timetable. The player will go through a number of fitness assessments which will be assessed by the strength and conditioning coach and given an individual programme to follow.


Perhaps the most important aspect of our Academy programme, and one which sets us apart from many other Academy, is the opportunity to play at the highest level of English Basketball within our celebrated club structure. Players attending the Academy will be expected to train and play for our National League teams or CVL. In addition to this, talented players will have the opportunity to train and play with our highly successful Division 3 Men's team.


This is not the only pathway into senior basketball as players also have the opportunity to develop their skills before they move into Division 1 by training and playing with our Division 3 team.


Player Pathways and Exit Routes


After following a two year Academy and club program the "student athlete" will have the chance to pursue their career in basketball further with the club assisting athlete's in finding placements abroad in the USA, Europe (FMP Belgrade, Union Olimpija Ljublijana, Real Madrid-Spain...) or at home.




London Greenhouse Pioneers Club Structure and Performance Pathway [top]


We are linked to the London Greenhouse Pioneers Basketball Club.

Our coaches have a combined 30+ years of experience in working with children from 5-18 years of age. They also coach at the national level and have made it to the National Final Fours, 4 years in a row (2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010).


In the 2011-2012 season we will have a Men's senior Team which will compete in England Basketball's National League Division 3 New players start by attending the club's Local League Teams and training sessions; designed to enable them to make the improvements in their game. Whilst attending these sessions players will be able to represent the club in The London Basketball Central Venue League where all of our teams compete. This season (2011-2012) we have started a girls program that will compete at the local level and in the coming years at the National Level. We also have teams that compete in The England Basketball National League at U18 Boys, U16 boys, U16 Girls & two U14 boys teams. Only a limited number of players will be allowed to play for these teams and to play for these teams the coaches will be evaluating players on the following criteria:


  • Their general behavior on and off the basketball court
  • Their level of commitment in attending practice
  • The effort they exude during practice
  • Their ability as a basketball player.


The club is dedicated, not only in bringing basketball to as many children as possible but to excellence, both in the level of coaching offered but a path for all players to take their game to the next level. Everyone is encouraged to come along to the club to enjoy the game of basketball; we guarantee that if you show a good attitude to improvement we will make you a better player!



London Greenhouse Pioneers Club Player Development Pathway [top]



Our organisational structure and performance pathway is very clear for each player moving through our system. As an Academy player from outside the club the Academy system will allow you to make a seamless transition into our own player pathway.


On arrival at the Academy a player will undergo an initial player profile to evaluate and record their future goals for the Academy. The players will undergo regular 10 weekly reviews always identifying their short term goals in relation to their long term ambitions for their future along this pathway and beyond!




How do I Apply? [top]


Hopefully, now we have reached the end of this Prospectus, players, parents and coaches alike will feel they have the necessary information on all the Platanos College to make an informed decision on a young person's future.




In order to apply to our Academy or to register your interest please visit the our website here and download an application form. You can also contact Jozef Butor on the following details:


Jozef Butor


Telephone: 07974 602 720

School Telephone: 0207 733 6156


James Hussein


Telephone: 07572 158 334

School Telephone: 0207 733 6156




Once a player details have been obtained and assessed by the coaching staff they will arrange for a meeting to see a player and their family personally. After this initial meeting the coaching staff will advise the player on; a) the best route educationally and b) the best route for basketball.


The above factors will influence and effect the decision of the Head Coach's on giving the student the best advice, as to which educational establishment the player would be best suited. From this process the player can continue on their application to the relevant college or school.




As a club and coaching staff we will offer the best possible advice to any player wishing to apply for one of our celebrated academies. The information within this Prospectus provides an exciting opportunity for any young player reaching the end of compulsory education, to pursue not only a first class education, but first class basketball development and performance. We hope this Prospectus has been helpful in your decision making and we hope you make Platanos College Basketball Academy YOUR CHOICE in your continuing journey towards an elite level in basketball!